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Zoom Lens

Zoom Lens
Zoom Lens
What is the difference between a regular "zoom" lens and a telephoto lens?

Is there one? I am new to photography, and the only difference I see between them is that a telephoto lens appears to have a much larger len on the far end than a regular zoom lens.

I'm a noob, so sorry for the potentially dumb question.

Thanks for the answers.

"Telephoto" refers to a specific way to design a lens which allows the lens to be physically shorter than it's actual focal length. Most lenses longer than 75mm or so(for 35mm cameras) are a telephoto design, although there are lenses longer than this that are not telephoto lenses.

A zoom lens is a lens on which the focal length can be changed. Technically, in order for a lens to be called a zoom lens, the point of focus needs to stay the same as the focal length as changed, although few lenses do this.

It's possible to have a zoom lens which uses a telephoto design-this is very common for zoom lenses where part of the focal length range is greater than 75mm.

It's also possible to have a zoom lens which does not use a telephoto design.

So, to answer your question, telephoto and zoom are terms which have totally different meanings, and are not mutually exclusive.

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