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Zoom Camera

Zoom Camera
Zoom Camera
Are there any camera flashes with a zoom?

Short version: I want a camera flash with a zoom.
Long version: A regular camera flash sends light to a wide field of view, which is perfect for photography at low magnification. On the other hand, now that there are digital cameras with zooms beyond 10X, it doesn't make sense for the flash to light up the huge field of view that the camera isn't even looking at. Wouldn't it be cool to adjust the divergence (field of view) of the flash so it would work at higher magnifications and therefore longer distances? If one is available already, let me know.

There are indeed flashes that zoom - many of them. I don't konw if one is made for your camera or not, but find your camera at B&H Photo (available through Yahoo! Shopping) and they will show accessories under the camera. Sometimes they show flash units. If not, this is a good site to search anyhow.

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