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Yashica Electro

Yashica Electro
Yashica Electro
Yashica Electro VS Canon FTB? Help!?

Both for a very reasonable price! Its my first time to use film. What is more worth the money?


As a second camera, the Yashica Electro 35 is more fun. It's a compact rangefinder with a quality fixed lens. It's even a bit of a collectible. If you already have a dSLR for your 'serious photography', this is the way to go.

But as a primary camera, the FTB makes more sense. If you want to upgrade from a point & shoot and don't want a digital SLR (why not?!), go this route. The FTB can use any number of Canon FD lenses so you're not stuck with the one fixed lens (Canon discontinued the FD lens mount system in the 80s but you can find tons of good stuff on eBay, etc.) The FTB also has more user controls than the Yashica. And unlike the Yashica, the FTB will keep shooting without a battery.

Beware with both, however, that they might need some TLC. If they're being sold "as-is" you're taking a gamble.
* You might have to replace the light seals (a few dollars worth of foam and an evening of your time).
* They both used discontinued mercury batteries, although silver or zinc-air replacements are available.
* Decades of possible gunk inside the viewfinder, lens, shutter blades, aperture blades.
* Decades of potential mechanical wear & tear.
* The electronics of the Yashica usually didn't age well and without them the camera is useless. (A Canonet QL17 Glll would be in the same ballpark as the Yashica and a safer alternative.)

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