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Xti Xsi

Xti Xsi
Xti Xsi
Canon Rebel XTi or XSi?

How much better is the XSi than the XTi? Is the difference noticeable?

Also, which would be better for portraits? Cause I hear the XSi can make bigger prints.

I just got done testing the Canon XTi and the XSi. From previous experience, the XTi suffers from very poor build quality. It is difficult to hold, and was not made with build quality in mind. The XSi is small, but well built. The viewfinder is much better as well. Besides the most noticeable features, the XSi has newer technology and some extra bells and whistles that would be good while photographing. The optional battery pack is another major plus.

As for which one is better for portraits, this is up to what type of lens you will be using. The XSi will have an advantage since it has a live view function, but like I said, it still largely depends on what type of lens you will be using.

The XSi will be able to make larger prints, however, the difference is not too noticeable. Unless you're printing posters, you won't be able to tell the two apart.

Overall, I'd buy the XSi. The XSi has better build quality, newer technology, and several key features the XTi does not.

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