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Wide Angle

Wide Angle
Wide Angle
what is the difference between a wide angle lens and a fisheye lens?

i understand what a fish eye lens is and i love the way pictures/movies turn out with it. typically, a fish eye lens captures 170 degrees of your subject. would you happen to know the angle of a "wide angle" or does it vary?

Wide-angles and fisheyes differ only in that a fisheye lens causes horizontal lines to converge at the extremes (curve), giving images the unique look. There is no specific angle differentiation. Nikon has a 16mm fisheye and a 15mm wide-angle. So, it is possible that a wide angle is shorter than a fisheye, though the fisheye, due to the optical properties, may have a wider field of view.

A wide angle is simply a lens short than the diagonal of the film or sensor area (which on 35mm film or an FX sensor would round out to about 50mm) without the distortion of a fisheye.

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