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Usm Lens

Usm Lens
Usm Lens
On a Canon 400d SLR do you have to move the kit (none usm )lens by hand?

The camera has two buttons for close up or further away but with the kit lens (none usm) they do not work and I have to manualy turn the lens, Is this correct.
kit lens details canon zoom lens EF-S 18-55MM 1:3.5-5.6. I think Iunderstand better know, usm is automatic zoom using the camera and normal (none usm) hand zoom by turning the lens by hand

Perhaps you should "Add Details" to your question and specify exactly which lens you have. Just copy ALL of the information from the lens. I say this because I am not familiar with a "none USM" lens being used as a kit lens for the Canon EOS 400D.

It should be an auto-focus lens, so you do not have to focus by hand, unless you want to.

On any SLR that I know of, however, you DO have to zoom by hand - if this is what you mean by "move the lens by hand."

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