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types of photography cameras

types of photography cameras
What type of camera for intro to photography class?

I'm taking an intro to photography class and need a 35mm camera, it has to be one where I can adjust the lense. This is my senior year and it's just an elective I'm taking for fun to fill some misc credits so I'm not looking to spend much money. I have seen some older ones on ebay for like under $25, would that be a good camera? Also, I'm probably gonna go through ebay but was wondering if any local stores would have am inexpensive camera like this such as a wolf camera or something like that. I guess I'm interested in any input as far as brands or where to get one. Like I said, I'm a broke student and this is just one class not my major so not looking to spend much.

If you don't know much about cameras and lenses, get some advice from your instructor. In addition to ebay, I would suggest you take a look at KEH Camera Brokers at http://www.keh.com/onlinestore/home.aspx

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