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types of lenses photography

types of lenses photography
Which type of lenses are used for professional photography?

i know that one lens cant be used for all types of photography but i wanna know which lenses are used by 100% Pro photographers.
pls tell me about all these types: wild life photography as well as pro modeling as well as macro.
What is special in there lenses which gives them so great clarity?
I am a beginner so pls explain.

No single lens is used by 100% pro photographers. Any pro photographers will use whatever lens that they need to get the pictures they want.

Wildlife photography usually involves shooting animals from far away, thus photographer need a long focal lens so they can "pull" their subject closer without having to go close to the (dangerous/shy) animals themselves. You will see people refers to such lens as "exotic lens" since they are low in production, and cost a lot (may go up to $10,000 for one), and a focal length of 400mm/500mm/600mm. That said, there are things called a "tele-converter" which multiplies the focal length. For example, a 1.4x teleconverter would turn a 600mm lens into 840mm lens (and drop in speed, become darker by 1 stop).

Modeling shots is a bit more complicated. It depends all on the artist/photographer's approach and it can be of any lens. The usual would be using a fast prime lens such as the 85mm f/1.4 for a shallow depth of field (sometime desirable in portrait shots, but depends a lot on genre). But I know pro photographers personally that uses a 24-70mm f/2.8 zoom for portrait and the result is stunning, so it's all up to the photographer.

Macro lens is a bit special. Unlike a normal lens, they have the ability to focus really close. There will always be a limit on how close you can get to your subject when you focus, I suppose you know that too. But macro lens lets you go even closer (relatively, for example, 105mm macro lens will let you go closer to the subject than a 105mm normal lens), so the end result is that your subject would look a lot bigger. Macro lens for SLR cameras is not the same as those on compact cameras, it is not about being able to go as close as 1cm etc etc... it's about magnification. You will still have to be like 2 feet away from your subject on a really long 200mm macro lens for example. (well, can't remember the exact number, but you get my point, it's not about being 2cm away from subject).

Your last statement is not entirely true. Lens technology has advances so much that cheap kit lens is as sharp and clear as most pro grade camera lens. It's just that pro-grade camera lens usually is very "fast", with a large aperture to let more light going through the lens, and of course, built quality. Most pro lens are built like a tank and can take abuse (but please don't do it...)

Photography Equipment : Types of Lenses for SLR Cameras

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