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Twin Lens

Twin Lens
Twin Lens
Will the 18-55mm lens for the D60 adequate for normal daily use?

I'm looking for a new DSLR . There's the Nikon D60 with only a single 18-55mm lens. There is also the Sony A200 with twin lenses 17-80mm and 70-300mm lens . Which is a better pick? The D60 from Nikon boast good pictures but has no AF . The Sony is okay overall and comes with twin lenses . Which to choose?

Neither of these are pro or even amateur level cameras. As noted by the others, either will work well, and give you excellent pictures. Either will be a good camera to refine your skills before moving up, or as a keeper for occasional shot of the kids and general snapping.

As noted by another responder, Nikon has a two series of lenses. You'll have to be sure to get the right ones. Canon and Sony lenses mount to the body the same way you screw on a jar lid. Nikon mounts in reverse. Big Deal! Just hope you don't forget that and drop your Nikon lens one day.

I normally tell folks to hold each one. Swing it around and blast off a few frames. Adjust settings. Put it in Manual Focus...try that too. See which fits the hand better. If it fits, wear it, LOL. Seriously, if its your hand well, you will be able to walk around the county and state fair all day long, without tiring. Both of these may be too small for you if you are a man over 5ft. 6in. tall.

I will tell you upfront that I know the Sony stuff better than the Nikon. I have Nikon gear but prefer the other. I can suggest some things to look at when comparing.

With Minolta out of the picture now, Canon and Nikon gear have become more popular, which means more folks bidding for used gear on Ebay = higher prices than before for the additional gear you will want to add.

What to add? If you choose the D60, a telephoto or two to cover the 70-300 range, fer instance. Why? To bring in some things that can't get close to...hornet's nest, wildcat, bird nest or sailboat. Many 70-300 lenses offer Macro also. That lets you shoot just one flower up close.

Should you love the camera, you'll want additional lenses. Sony builds their Vibration Reduction/ Anti-shake into the body. Nikon builds it into the lens. Any lens you put on the Sony is therefore an anti-shake lens. Nikon charges you extra for their VR lenses.
Sony bought their AF mount and technology from Minolta. They did not change the mount, so that means ANY Minolta Maxxum lens since 1985 will fit your Sony and give you Auto Focus as well as vibration reduction. Big variety for less $$.

You 'll need flash. In order to go wireless w/ Nikon, you start with their top of the line flash, to control the others you add later. Sony lets you go wireless with their midrange flash. What does that mean? Your first wireless Nikon flash will cost around $500. You can do wireless flash with Sony for less $$$.
Both companies offer a flash that tilts up and a pricier hi-power tilt & swivel flash. Avoid the flashes that don't tilt.

Both cameras will give years of good pictures. Take care of your new camera, and take note of what you'd like to know how to do.

You can also find my 40 years of photography experience on Live Person. It has a small fee associated with it, but loads of experience available to you.

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