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Tube Adapter

Tube Adapter
Tube Adapter
Tokina 3X Tele Lens for CANON POWERSHOT S3 IS - Good or Bad?

I want a tele lens for my Canon Powershot S2 IS. On Ebay, I found a Tokina 3X lens for $60 plus the adapter tube. Is Tokina a good lens maker? Anyone use them before? I am not taking professional pictures, just photos of the football game for the yearbook and school newspaper. Will the quality be lesser with a Tokina lens?

Tokina is a good lens maker. That being said, if you check the message boards on dpreview.com you will find most people not very happy with this adapter lens, as it appears to cause a lot of vignetting (dark corners on the images). You would probably be better off with the 1.5 X telephoto lens from Canon.

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