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Stepping Adapter

Stepping Adapter
Stepping Adapter
What voltage converter and/or electrical adapter should I purchase to use a laptop/hairdryer in South Korea?

I am moving to South Korea in a few weeks and I want to be able to use my laptop and hairdryer from the U.S.. What kind of voltage converter do I need? I know that I need a step down converter, but I'm not sure where to find the best deal, and I'm confused about how much wattage I will need for a laptop and/or hairdryer. Thanks for your help!

Telovelace is right about the computer but left out that there should be a switch on the power supply, usually visible from outside next to the power switch for different voltages. It may say 155 and 230 however. Depends on manuf. If not visible open the computer case and look at the power supply, it should be there. If not you can get a new ATX power supply that is dual voltage for as little as $25. I would do so for the puter. I don't trust converters for electronics but they are fine for the dryer. Also My wifes hair dryer has a switch for 220 on it too.

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