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Soviet Camera

Soviet Camera
Soviet Camera
What are the direct communication ways between president and the nation in US?

In Russia Putin started this wonderful tradition of direct communication with the nation. That is, he had one day in a year, where he had on-air Question&Answer session, where ANYONE could ask him a question. Cameras were set up in all post Soviet countries, plus in many other countries, where Russian people, interested to ask something could gather and ask questions or state their problems. Sites in the internet were also available for asking questions, so journalists would pick random questions and ask them).
So my question is, is there a similar or somewhat different method that the US presidents use to communicate with the nation for once without intermediaries? Excluding the pre-election campaigns, of course, where everyone wants to show at their best.

We have none at all. He does not want to listen to anyone and guess what? He doesn't. The people mean nothing to him.

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