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Sony Mavica

Sony Mavica
Sony Mavica
Sony CD Mavica camera?

A Dumb question How do you pop up the flash I cant find the release for it
No manual I won it and I know it works he took a couple of pics to show me it worked
All it says is SONY CD Mavica 3.3
I dont really see anything else on it I just won it from a guy in a pool game
Maybe it is Auto ?? Thanks
OK it is a CD 300
thanks guys

A Mavica? What a cool prize lol

Those things were top-notch several years back. It would help if you tell us which model you have. If there's definitely a popup flash on it and there's no physical switch, try going into the menu and turning the flash to fill (indicated by a bolt of thunder). When you half-press the shutter release button it should pop up automatically. Setting the flash to Auto lets the camera decide when it's necessary to deploy the flash.

I'm assuming that's 3.3 MP which narrows it down to the 2 Mavicas Fhotoace mentioned below. The CD350 doesn't have a popup flash so that leaves us with the CD300.

By default, the CD300 is set to Auto and no indication is given of this setting. When you're ready to shoot, press the UP button on the 5-way controller to cycle through the available flash modes. Press it until you see a lightning bolt on the LCD overlay -- this indicates fill (or forced, as the manual describes) flash meaning it'll go off no matter what. When you half-press the shutter release button the flash should pop up and it should go off when you take a picture.

More information about flash operation is available on page 24 in the user manual available at the link below.

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