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Sony Cybershot

Sony Cybershot
Sony Cybershot
pls help me with my sony cybershot digital camera?

I have a sony cybershot 7.2 mp digital camera.could you please tell me how to import picture from it to my wi?
i tried installing it but it seems it is not compatible with the xp version , as i could not locate the option of sony digital camera on the installation wizard( the other options available were kodak , olympus etc). i also got a cd along with the camera , it has a software called picture browser . pls tell me if i need to use it to install my camera.

dont try any softwares..
just connect your cam to ur computer .. some times it will automatically detects ur camera memory card as a new drive like h: i: etc in my computer.. if it doesnt works , buy a new mmc card reader.. it costs so cheap.. and use that memory card reader to transfer files from card to computer..

use photoshop fore image enhancement than using local softwares with the camera ..

and u can use picassa for foto organising .. a better free software from google.. it can also import foto from ur cameras
picasa link ... try it

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