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Sony Alpha

Sony Alpha
Sony Alpha
need help to buy a sony alpha dslr camera intermediate lenses?

i got a sony alpha camera with 2 zoom lenses , 18-55mm and 70-300mm zoom lenses. now im planning to go further for the next lense.

there are a lot of options, like telephoto, wide angle etc but im not able to figure out what exactly i can buy..

i do photography of nature, potraits but not into miniature photography.. looking for suggestions..


Don't dismiss the lenses you already have.

You don't specify what you mean by "nature" but do say not "miniature", so I take it you mean birds not macro? Well the 300mm end of that lens is fine for "nature".

For portraits I recommend that you learn to use the 50mm end of the 18-55mm, you will not get a shallow depth of field though, so try this:

The 70-300mm is also a good portrait lens (people here just don't have a clue). Set it to around 90mm and use a wide aperture and see for yourself.

Personally I don't think you need any more lenses, you haven't said anything that shows that you need additional glass, you just need to learn how to use what you have, but it's your money.

Don't think that buying more will make you better, it won't.

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