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Slr Film

Slr Film
Slr Film
Can you interchange lenses between Digital and Film SLR cameras?

I'm looking to buy a digital SLR camera and currently have a film SLR cameras. I need to know if I can simply switch lenses between the two (provided they are both Canon for example)

Yes, it is possible depending upon the brand and type of lens.

For example:
Canon autofocus film camera lens (Canon EF mount) can be used on a Canon digital SLR. Your focal length field of view will be magnified by 1.6 on most Canon SLRs (i.e. a 50mm lens will have a field of view like an 80mm lens, when used on a digital SLR).
**Canon manual focus film lenses (Canon's FD mount) cannot be used on digital SLRs
**Canon EF-S autofocus lenses are designed for digital only.

Nikon: Nikon's autofocus F-mount lenses can be used on their digital SLR lineup (you get a 1.5 multiplier, so for example a 50mm lens looks like a 75mm lens). Autofocusing will depend upon the lens type and SLR body model. For example, the D40 and D40x will AF with AF-S Nikon lenses, but regular AF lenses will only work in manual focus. The manual focus Nikon F-mount lenses (typically an AI or AI-S lens) will mount on the digital SLRs. They may or may not meter, depending upon the camera body.
**Nikon DX lens lineup is designed for digital only.

Sony--will take Minolta autofocus lenses but not the older Minolta MC or MD manual focus lenses.

Pentax--Just about every Pentax lens going back to the manual focus K-mount will mount and work to some degree.

Olympus--nope, the film lenses won't fit the 4/3 mount digital SLRs from Olympus.

Others: Praktica, Contax, etc. Nope. Out of luck.

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