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Slr Digital

Slr Digital
Slr Digital
What digital slr camera is best for amateur photographers?

I really want a digital slr camera, but I don't want to spend a fortune, I've been looking at used ones, and refurbished but they're all so expensive! I've been manly looking at getting a canon EOS rebel xs. Is that a decent camera? I currently have a canon regular digital camera and I love it.

With DSLR's your buying into a system and Canon is far and away the most expensive, closely followed by Nikon.

Pentax, Olympus and Sony have many more features. They may be more expensive initially, but a soon as you start adding lenses, flashguns etc. they work out much cheaper for the same or Higher quality. You finish with a much more useful system for less money.

Things to look for are a bright viewfinder, good build quality, adjustments of everyday things such as EV value, focus point, metering mode etc. without having to go into a menu. These are basic to using your camera for anything other than 'point and shoot'.

Pentax and Sony offer image stabilisation in camera, so every lens you fit is image stabilised without a price premium. Pentax in particular have a massive range of older high quality lenses available for very little, all will be image stabilised.

A second hand Pentax DS, which is now 5 years old, would be available at a lower price than a Nikon D40 or Canon Rebel, and is much more of a camera than either of them, it has a genuine pentaprism in the viewfinder which means a brighter image, much better build quality, the same Sony sensor that was used on the Nikon D80. The only downside is the lack of image stabilisation. Like all Pentax DSLR's it can operate as a 'focus trap' which no other make of DSLR can do.


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