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Slr Camera

Slr Camera
Slr Camera
which is camera is better? a slr digital camera or a non digital slr camera?

I am extremly new to the word of photography and want to by a camera. I don't have the space for a non digital camera to develop the pictures but digital slr cameras cost way more.
I just want to know which would be better for me to learn and if their is an easier way to get one(i tried ebay). I'm a working student and money is not growing on my trees.

also does any one have any recommendations for models/brands?

While having an SLR/DSLR always seems like the best way to go in a lot of peoples minds, it may not be for you.

Are you planning on doing more than snaps shots? If not, then get a nice point and shoot camera.

If you have doubts on any kind of photography career or future, then get a point and shoot.

A professional photographer gerts great results because of their knowledge and experience, not from the camera they use. Just having an SLR or DSLR will not make your images any better than mine, Ansel Adams, or the kid down the street.

Space is not a consideration even for film as you can have them developed at a pro lab, if need be.

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