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Sling Backpack

Sling Backpack
Sling Backpack
Do sling backpacks work for high school?

I want to get an orange sling backpack for high school and I've heard that they don't fit all of your books and papers well. Is that true? I really want an orange one, but I'm not sure. Please help me out, thanks!

I don't recommend them. All of your books most likely won't fit, and even if you do manage to stuff a couple of em' in the bag, you are going to have to carry the other books. Sling/messenger type bags strain your shoulders and back, which results in bad posture and an achey back. They also can be worn out easily. However, if you are allowed locker breaks in between each class, then I would go for it, but using them to carry books, from home, then nahhh just go for a durable backpack that your back will thank you for in the long run. Hope that I could help.

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