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Shoulder Camera

Shoulder Camera
Shoulder Camera
Shoulder mounted -OR- Freehand camera for Indie film making.?

Hay, I'm a new 'Indie' on the scene. I was wondering which would would be the best camera to get? A shoulder mounted camera (Such as the JVC GY-HD251E) or a freehand camera (Such as the Canon XH-G1)...

The cameras I have named are mear examples. If you have any insight about the ease of use and other such aspects that should be taken into account ininvolving these 2 types, please inform me.

Also, if you could, please recommended cameras in the area of your choosing (Either shoulder or freehand)

My budget is about 3,500 Euro, which is like, $5,200 OR £2,800

P.S, I plan to shoot films with the camera. For this reason, I've sort of thrown the Canon XL-H1 out of my mind as it was intented to be for videographers.

Thank you very much in advance.

Yes, shoulder mounted cameras are generally more stable than handheld ones, but I wouldn't advise that to be the only premise in choosing your camera. In my opinion, shoulder-mounted cameras are a bit of a hassel. For one thing, they're heavier. And another: as they are built for mounting on your shoulder, most people tend to leave it there, and there's nothing worse than an entire movie shot at eye-level...it's better to vary it a little. Maybe it's just me, but I feel a lot more restricted with shoulder-mounted cams...

My advice is to go out an find a camera you like for its performance, and if it's a shoulder-mounted one, then great! If not, that's fine too. You'll find that handheld shots aren't as unuseable as most people think.
My suggestion would be to get the Red Scarlet, which is supposed to be around $3,000USD when it comes out in 2009...It's a pretty remarkable camera. It's definately not a shoulder camera, but perfomance wise, it's supposed to rival the quality of the Sony F23 which costs $150,000!!! It's an Ultra High Definition camera that is, in short: revolutionary...
Or you could get the Panasonic HVX200 for $5,200 USD...sorry for putting all my figures in USD... It's an HD camera that records to solid state memory P2 cards which out-performs HDV any day. It's not nearly as good resolution as the Scarlet, but you'll find it's quite the workhouse. It's 1080i HD mode isn't full res, but since you're a filmmaker, you'll probably keep it in 720p HD mode anyways. The HVX is probably the most popular camera for low budget filmmakers

If you really want a shoulder cam, you should consider the JVC GY-HD110U (I believe it's called the HD111E for PAL, but don't quote me on that). It's a lower-end version of the HD251E, but a lot cheaper, and basically the same camera, despite some very minor improvements. It is one of the best HDV cameras on the market, especially for it's excellent 720p 24p picture. Granted, its resolution isn't quite as good as the XL-H1...it doesn't even shoot in 1080i (only 720p), but the overall feel and aesthetics of the picture beat the XL-H1 any day (in my opinion)...partly it shoots progressive, while the XL-H1 is only interlaced, which is why the XL-H1 is more of a camera for "videographers"...The HD110U was used on quite a few indie productions if I recall. It's probably not as popular as the HVX in that respect, but it's still very good...its interchangeable lens mount is a nice bonus feature too!

Well, I hope that helps, so good luck and have fun!!!

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