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Sales Brochure

Sales Brochure
Sales Brochure
What is the best way to advertise?

Hi, I'm an Avon Sales Rep and I'm having trouble getting costumers, despite my efforts. Every two weeks I order 50 brochures, I give my existing costumers each a brochure (About 10 people) then I leave about 40 brochures in different places around where I live. I have left brochures at a variety of different places and so far I've only got 2 new costumers from it. I've been doing this for 2 1/2 months. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to advertise my personal Avon business better?

When you have an Avon business you have to think outside the box. Since there is such a low cost to become a rep there are hundreds of reps in any given area. At least it seems to me. So basically you have to do things differently.

Have you had a home party with your existing customers yet? if not, you can have each person bring as many people as possible and offer them a 5% discount on their next order for every person they bring that buys something.

And don't just have a regular Tupperware-esque party, liven it up, cool music, virgin pina colada's or margarita's, lei's etc.

You can also create a gift basket or two with some of your products and other stuff from the dollar store and offer a contest to get new customer leads. You can either buy a box and black entry forms at a craft store and leave it at a local beauty shop or you can donate the baskets with a stack of coupons to a local charity event.

Try a cross promotion with a local beauty shop or nail salon.

Something along the lines of a coupon they can give their customers for a discount on their first purchase from you (getting them in the door is the first step) and you can give your customers the salon's coupon.

Best of luck,


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