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Ring Adapter

Ring Adapter
Ring Adapter
ok i need help with adapter rings to get my fisheye on my camera.?

i have a 33mm dcr trv18 camcorder. im pretty sure its 33mm, if im wrong please tell me. ok i have a 54mm fisheye i need a lot of adapter rings. is there any site that would deffitly have all the adapter rings i need?

Kyle I've already answered this question:

I have a feeling the trv-18 had a 30mm filter thread, as I had a contemporaneous model. the filter thread should either be written around the lens or stamped on the inside of the lens cap.

The manual can be dowloaded here:


The fisheye lens sounds like a series 7 type, in which case you need a series 7 adaptor, which are available in various thread sizes, though you may need to buy a 37mm and a 30-37 stepping ring:



If this doesn't sound right then srb-griturn can fit you with a custom stepping ring.

Your camera has a 30mm filter.

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