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Remote Shutter

Remote Shutter
Remote Shutter
** Wireless shutter remote** for point-and-click camera?

What's the cheapest point-and-snap camera with a *WIRELESS REMOTE* available? (To take photos with a wireless remote from a distance... camera timer is not what I'm looking for.)

I need a WIRELESS REMOTE on a point-and-click (NON-dslr) for group photos, self-portraits, etc.

I DESPISE the timer... it just doesn't work for my needs.

A dslr is *not* an option right now. Are there any consumer cameras (point-and-click), low-end and cheap, that offer *wireless remotes* to take photos with?

** Wireless Remote Shutter to snap the shutter from afar ... (but NOT a self-timer)

-- NON-DSLR camera
-- Low-end (ideally under $200)
-- I've tried to find a camera like this, and couldn't-- so that's why I'm asking the question here. Does anyone know of a specific point-and-click camera that offers a wireless remote? Brand and model, please?

Sorry to give you the bad news. I'm a camera geek, I read all that I can on all models, brands, point and shoots and dSLRs. I don't know of any compacts that have a remote.

I'm not saying 100% for sure, but I'm 99 percent sure there are none. I remember a few years ago, there was one, don't remember the model or make. I was looking for one about a year and a half ago, and I gave up, they just are not out there.

You might have to do some kind of search of older compacts to try and find one.

Even on dSLRs they are not common, you usually have to buy something to add a wireless remote. I have a Sony A700 dSLR it came with a wireless remote (love it) but I don't know of any other dSLRs that ship with one.


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