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Rebel Xti

Rebel Xti
Rebel Xti
How deep can you take a Canon Rebel XTI underwater? What are some affordable housing units?


I am going on a trip in the next few months where I plan to do some scuba diving. I've been looking at a few underwater housing units for my Canon Rebel XTI but many are way out of my price range. Does anyone know of any trustworthy ones that are relatively cheap?

And how deep can I take my Canon? Has anyone had experience with diving with this camera?

Thank You!

If $1300 is out of your price range for a housing, keep in mind that you'll need an u/w flash, too!
That's about as cheap as it gets for an Ikelite housing.

I didn't want to risk my slr to the u/w environment, so I chose a cheaper option and am very happy with it. I bought an Olympus 12 Mpixel point & shoot (Stylus 8000), with housing, u/w flash, sync cord, memory cards for around $850. The pics are great! The camera itself is waterproof to 30ft, with the housing up to 130ft.

The 8000 has 3 white balance settings specifically set for u/w applications.

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