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Rangefinder Camera

Rangefinder Camera
Rangefinder Camera
I'm looking for a good 35mm camera. Any ideas?

I'm taking photography class at school so I need a camera.
SLR or Rangefinder

Under a $100 if possible

Is there a used camera shop in the Chicago area...I live in a chicago suburb?

Thanks, please give me a link to a site if possible!

I love 35mm film SLRs so I'm an expert here. I've gotten all my 35mm SLR film cameras from eBay and have never had a problem. you can get Canon Rebels or Minolta Maxxum's for only $50. I've also gotten old scool Pentex K1000 and Pentex ME Supra which are all metal bodies with manual focus and metering. Real classics. You can get a Nikon N75 for about $80 or Nikon FG-20 for only $50. It''s rediculous how prices have fallen for this old school technology.

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