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Pro Duo

Pro Duo
Pro Duo
Can you put in a memory stick pro duo into a psp if the psp is in sleep mode?

the reason i assk is cuz i bought a psp yesterday, and i bought a game for the psp. ok, i didnt buy a memory stick pro duo for it, and so when i dont play my game, i put it in sleep mode. i was just wondering if my psp will be damaged if i leave it in sleep mode while putting the memory card in?

No, it is perfectly fine. Think of it the same way as plugging a 2.0 USB external thumb drive into your computer while its in hibernation mode. Nothing will happen. Once you awaken your PSP, regardless of what you were doing, either playing a game or watching a movie, the PSP will read and recognize the Memory Stick, and you'll be able to save your games when the opportunity arises.

But for future reference, whenever you are not using your PSP, you should turn it off completely. Like a computer, it consumes power in Sleep Mode, even though not as much. To save yourself time, just turn it off completely. PSP battery life tends to be really short, and will need frequent recharges.

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