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Prism Finder

Prism Finder
Prism Finder
fungus in the view finder of my pentax k1000?

there's a black fungus looking type deal in my camera's viewfinder, i took it to a local camera repair shop and i was told that the prism is damaged or something. and i noticed that the foam in the body where the mirror hits it has some damage, i suspected some idiot touched it. my camera has real sentimental value to me, do i really need to buy a prism or is there a way to clean it?

I suggest sending it to Garry's Camera Repair. http://www.garryscamera.com or garryscamera@yahoo.com if you'd rather email him and describe the problem.

I'm thinking the mirror bumper foam needs replacing as well as the light seals. Garry charges $45.00 + $8.00 shipping and will perform a complete CLA as well as replace the light seals, calibrate the meter and shutter and give your camera a good cleaning.

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