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prices for photography cameras

prices for photography cameras
Are there any digital cameras priced $200-300 that come with a fish eye lens or have the functionality of one?

I'm not a heavy-duty professional photographer, and I don't have the time or money to research and pay for a $500-$600 D-SLR camera and match it with the correct fish-eye wide angle lens. In fact, I do most of my photography on my iPhone's camera, my cheap-o Sony point-and-shoot (DSC-W55), or Polaroids. However, I have recently taken a great bit of interest in the trendy look of a shot taken by a fish-eye lens.

So my question is: on a budged of about $200-$300, are there any digital cameras out there that can take a decent fish-eye picture by default or by fairly simple (and inexpensive) upgrade?

(Note: I would prefer to not be recommended a point-and-shoot with a gimmicky after-effect filter that simulates a fish-eye lens style photo.)

Thanks so much in advance!

- Zachary Beschler

Sorry, there aren't. You can get a fish eye ad-on lens off of ebay for your camera but they don't work that well. Alternatively you could get a film camera; either a film SLR with fish eye lens or the lomography fish eye camera.

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