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Price List

Price List
Price List
How do I create a price list for my candy store so employees can locate prices easily?

There are a ton of candies i need a list of...and am unsure about the design process. What is an easy way for me? Please describe in detail or provide websites/illustrations of a price list that can help me get started. I understand I should have a table, but with so many candies, I'm having a hard time!

You shouldn't have that many different prices for candy, unless this is a candy shop with specialty items. Try to sort your loose candy into two or three easily distinguishable price points, and it will be easier for everyone to remember:

1) small candy, regular bars - 50 cents - Yellow sticker
2) large candy, "bonus bars" - 1 dollar - Blue Sticker
3) older or less popular candy (to clear inventory) 3 for a dollar - Red sticker

Put the appropriate color sticker on the box or display that hold that priced candy. You can then easily make a color coded list of the dfiferent items by price

1 dollar candy
... item
... item
... item

50 cent candy


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