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Practical Accessories

Practical Accessories
Practical Accessories
I Need Fashion/Make-up Help! 10 pnts for perfect answer!?

All I need is fashion and make up help! I have a wide range of cloths in my closet so suggest anything practical ( I'm going to see her at school) AND what accessories and my style is Punk/Emo and so is hers! Kind of a sexy punk style

I only have dark eye shadows and mascara and eye liner! My colors I have are;
Lighter Black


Well, from what I know of applying eyeshadow... try putting the silver on the very inside (where your tear duct is) to brighten your eyes and then put some of it up towards your brow bone, then sweep the grey over your entire eyelid, and put the lighter black or black on the outside corner of your eye...finish with eyeliner and mascara.

I'm not much help in the Punk/Emo fashion area though...try searching online

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