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Pinch Snap

Pinch Snap
Pinch Snap
hurt neck!! i think i tend to suffer from a pinched nerve considering my hands fall asleep?

but today as i was stretching in my seat as i was on my comptuer i really hurt y neck bad like i head not so much a snap but a weird tear and it scared the hell out oof me if i turn my neck the right it hurts especially if i look down and right and if i try to tilt my head back im in alot of pain did i pinch a never and will it ever go away? i can still sorta fucntion but im annoyed and scared by this what can i do to prevent futher f-u-c-k ups

Yeah you don't want a neck injury. I have one with the nerve damage and it sucks big time!! But what you felt isn't uncommon and doesn't mean much. But with any neck injury you should look into it and not just ignore it.

Here are a few links to sites that will help you figure out what is wrong and what to do to help it.

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