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Piece Pro
Piece Pro
Where do you go to get a ripped canvas fixed by a pro?

I have a hole in a painting that I really like and want to get it fixed. I do not trust myself to fix it for I know I'm bound to mess it up even more. Can anyone suggest where to go to find a pro who can fix a hole in a canvas. My last resort is cutting the canvas to salvage the piece seeing how the hole in close to the edge. But I would rather get it fixed before that becomes needed.

You can find a professional in your area. Just look on the yellow pages under art repairs.

If you know about art you amy try to do it yourself. All you need is gesso primer I would use clear) and a piece of duck canvas available at the fabric store like jo ann fabrics.

Apply a piece of new canvas to the back of the painting using the gesso. Be sure to flatten the edges of the tear. If the tear or hole is small, use a piece of canvas that is just slightly larger than the hole. If the canvas has extensive damage, you may opt to apply a piece of canvas to the entire back.

Turn the painting to the front and remove any excess gesso from the front of the repair area with turpentine. And then fill the hole at the front if necessary. There may be a gap, if so apply Gesso in the hole to fill it. Let the Gesso dry for 24 hours.

Once the repair is dry, you can paint over the area and it may be completely undetectable.


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