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photography supplies

photography supplies
How much money does the Photography Industry (photo supplies) make per year worldwide?

Photography products is a $______ per year industry?
Photography is a ______ per year industry?

In 1998 it was $187 Billion. That was a decade ago AND before digital.
In 1998 it was $187 Billion. That was a decade ago AND before digital.

I Couldn't Find Out Exactly..

but, in my opinion, it would be at least 2.5 billion dollars, professional photographers buy bodies, thousand dollar lenses, flashes, vertical grips etc. They don't have a budget. They can spend up to 40,000$ each on all of the things they need for studio, including strobe lights and so forth. Me personal spend 670$ on a camera, and i'm just an amateur, pros. spend thousands more.

How to Set Up a Darkroom: Photography Tips : Supplies for a Darkroom

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