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photography of cameras

photography of cameras
A couple questions about film photography/pinhole cameras?

Can you tell if there's a picture on a piece of undeveloped film? I know looking at it in the light will kill the pic, but I just want to see if my camera's working without having to get the film developed.

Also, for a bright outdoors pic being taken wit a pinhole camera, how long of an exposure would you give it? Will it hurt it if the exposure is too long?
Yeah, it's film, not paper.

No, there is no other way to see the images on film...you HAVE to develop it with chemicals first. Film captures what's called a "latent image," and it's invisible until it's developed. If you were to take film out of a camera after taking pictures, you wouldn't see anything different. The film would look exactly the same. And of course, if you expose it to light, you'd ruin it.

The exposure time will depend on what ISO film you're using. (Sometimes also called the "film speed.") If the exposure is too long, you'll just overexpose the film. Depending on how bad the overexposure is, your picture will just look washed out. Since the aperture on a pinhole is so small, you will probably need an exposure of several seconds. I did a quick search on Google, and it seems like 2 seconds in the sun and 10 seconds in the shade is one estimate that might work. But that was for 100 ISO film.

Photo.net has a forum for "alternative" and experimental cameras like pinhole cameras. You should try posting a question there. I'm sure someone could help you. You have to register to post topics in the forums, but it's free.


In fact, I found a discussion there that might be helpful. They're talking about pinhole cameras and exposure times.


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