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photography cameras prices

photography cameras prices
Camera - What's good for a beginner for photography?

I'm really interested in photography, and have been looking for a good manual camera. As in, can adjust the exposure, focus, and zoom - at least. I'm just looking at tips of what kind of camera would be good for photography, my price range would be under 550$. As, I am just looking into this so don't really know much. Any tips and advice would be awesome 😀

Happy Thanksgiving btw!

I have been taking photographs for over 60 years.
I used to think it was necessary to be able to control all those things. I went from 4" x 3" plate cameras to film cameras. I had 127 folding cameras, 120 folding cameras, 2.5 in sq SLR cameras, 35mm Olympus cameras (and still have).

On the way I did colour work and had my own dark room, fully equiped with colour analyser and fancy colour enabled enlarger. I produced 2.5in x2.5 in. colour slides too.

I spent 40 years trying to produce a 2ft x 18 in B&W print with which I was totally satisfied. I did. AND THEN LOST INTEREST because I had achieved my aim.

You first need to satisfy yourself that you have an interest and an aim.

About 4years ago I bought a middle of the road Digital Fujifilm SLR and it does all I now require and it does it automatically and produces results which satisfy me.

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