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Petal Lens

Petal Lens
Petal Lens
Please rate my team in Poke'mon Diamond.?

Blaziken (+Scope Lens)
Brave Nature
Blaze Kick
Sky Uppercut
Brave Bird

Venusaur (+Miracle Seed)
Gentle Nature
Sludge Bomb
Petal Dance
Frenzy Plant

Gardevoir (+Wise Glasses)
Quiet Nature
Calm Mind
Energy Ball

Lucario (+Focus Sash)
(give me a good nature for Lucario- focusing on Attack or Speed)
Swords Dance
Crunch or Dark Pulse
Stone Edge
Close Combat

Garchomp (+Quick Claw)
(again- give me a good nature- focusing on Attack or Speed)
Swords Dance
Dragon Claw

Blissey (+Leftovers)
(good nature- focusing on Special Stats)
Thunder Wave
Ice Beam

There you go tell me what you think.

I'll go through each of your pokémon individually...

Blaziken: It is generally a very bad idea to have two moves of the same type on a pokémon. Get rid of either Blaze Kick or Flamethrower and replace it with Earthquake. I'd suggest getting rid of Flamethrower since it seems you're making a physical Blaziken.

Venusaur: Wha I said about Blaziken applies to Venusaur. Either way, Frenzy plant and Petal dance are poor move choices. Petal dance causes confusion while Frenzy plant leaves you vulnerable. Use energy ball for a grass attack and go with either leech seed or Synthesis.

Gardevoir: A fairly good moveset here. I can't recommend any changes.

Lucario: For a physical Lucario, go for an Adamant nature. As for moveset, go for Cunch over Dark pulse on physical sets. Otherwise, it's a good moveset.

Garchomp: Garchomp does not need Quick claw as an item; it's the fastest non-uber dragon type. Replace the item with something like life orb. Otherwise, the moveset is fine.

Blissey: You don't need to focus on special defence with Blissey. It's nuch wiser to max out it's physical defence. For this, give it a bold nature As for the moveset, if you're going for a special sweeper, replace Thunder Wave with Calm mind.

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