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Pentax Optio

Pentax Optio
Pentax Optio
How do I change the date on my pentax optio digital camera??

The digital read of the date on my camera is wrong. i would like to be able to lood at my pics and have the right date taken displayed. does anyone know how i change it on the camera??

Read the booklet that came with the camera, that's why companies include them in the box!

You didn't indicate which model you own so it's difficult to give you exact instructions. But since most Pentax cameras have similar layouts and buttons, the general way to change the date and time is to go into your settings via the "Menu" button. You should be able to see a "Date Adjust" item in there. If not, use the 4-way controller to navigate through the menu. From here, it should be pretty simple; use the 4-way to adjust the date and time settings.

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