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Opt Zoom

Opt Zoom
Opt Zoom
what's better: oly SP-570 UZ or Oly DSLR E-510 ?

I would like to move on from my average digital camera to a move powerful system, and currently my top 2 options are these two olympus cameras:


which one do you think is better. I opt for the new SP-570 because of it's features and because im sure i'll never be willing to pay $1000+ for a super zoom lens for the SLR, and also because of it's speed.

but which do you guys think is better for the price? (The E-510 can actually be purchased for about $650)

Having taken photos for decades and been down the SLR/carry four lenses/plus a 3x converter/Flash/extension rings...I would now always opt for point and shoot! Have you seen the physical size of a lens that would do 500mm in a DSLR?? I don't want to carry that around much! It is no fun having to try and anticipate which lens to attach, only to have to change it 30 seconds before the shot because of the compostion. I am waiting for the SP570 to be released, this will be my third PNS...each one is more MP and I am still using my first, an olympus C-770 UZ 10x 4MP, great camera!..just remember, if all you are doing are snaps that are mostly looked at on your PC or 7x5 prints, you'll never know the difference. Being able to zoom in and not have to crop afterwards is fantastic and one single package from 28mm equiv to > 500mm has to be a great option...hope the sensor is up to it, otherwise I for one will be dissappointed...enough rambling...ciao

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