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Olympus Stylus

Olympus Stylus
Olympus Stylus
will my olympus stylus 725 SW be able to make light graffiti?

ok so recently ive been wanting to try light graffiti
but idk if my olympus stylus 725 SW will have the setting to make it
do you think it does?
and if so how?
please help!!

You will need a camera that you can open the shutter long enough to use a penlight or other light source to draw you shapes. Since the 725 SW does not have either aperture or shutter speed priority modes, is is not suitable. Here is the list of shutter speeds you camera has: 1/2sec - 1/1000sec, up to 4sec in Night Scene mode. Even 4 seconds is too short a time to do what you want to do.

This usually means you need some kind of DSLR with a timed shutter speed of up to 30 seconds and a bulb setting and a nice sturdy tripod

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