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Nikon Sony

Nikon Sony
Nikon Sony
want to buy a digital camera outta three brands-nikon ,cannon ,sony?

i read the questions and the answers posted here and came to kno that most of the answers for digi cams go for canon a series....now even i want to buy a digi cam must be compact nd shoul satisfy me for years .most of the shopkeeper (where i live)tell me to buy a nikon or sony,but the reviews tell me to buy canon..m confused..out of the three brands which is the best..nikon offers the p and s series which look beautiful and s series have 10x optical zoom which is pretty amazing..which should i choose nikon ,canon or sony

I own a Canon AE30 that takes great pictures, videos and is easy to use.Plus it is light weight and has varied settings for stills action, portrait, etc....It downloads directly to my laptop.It easy and simply to use.It has capacity to add storage ; and varied light settings and speeds.
I recommend this camera..I love mine.

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