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Nikon Coolpix

Nikon Coolpix
Nikon Coolpix
How do I turn the flash down on my Nikon Coolpix S60?

I have a Nikon Coolpix S60 and my flash is way to bright. Is there a way I can reduce the bright flash? It also seems to only take clear pictures when it wants to when the lighting isn't perfect. Is there anyway I can fix these problems? I am actually not very pleased with this camera since I've gotten it last year and am looking into another one if I can't get this one to improve.

Regards the flash being too bright... It's a common problem if you are shooting in "dingy" environments. By default almost all cameras will in "dingy" environments flash too bright! The trick is if your camera has an "EV" setting to try adjusting that prior to taking your photos. It should allow you to get the atmosphere correct.

As to taking clear photos using a tripod indoors may not be practical, but you can try steadying yourself against walls, pillars etc. Oh and try to make sure you are getting the focus locked on the correct element of the scene - If necessary you need to point the camera directly at the object you want to focus on and half press the shutter release. Then while keeping the shutter release half pressed compose your image.

I hope that helps, it's the best I can suggest. I'm not a fan of the Nikon S60 it has similar issues to Sony's T-series compacts. I'm afraid more conventional compact cameras (Nikon included) tend to produce better results.

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