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Memory Stick

Memory Stick
Memory Stick
How do you make a magic memory stick and can you do it without erasing files?

I want to know how to make a magic memory stick for the pandora battery. I have custom firmware but i want to give my friend CFW also but i need a magic memory stick. The person who gave me CFW had a magic memory stick with music and videos on it also. Is there a way to make a magic memory stick on the memory stick i am already using? for example: My memory stick has homebrew apps, music, and videos while being a magic memory stick.

go to mikehacks.com and use UPMS...follow the video and if you already have a pandora then skip that step and just set up the memory stick...it will load either 3.71 M33-2 or 3.80 M33-5 custom firmware, but then you can update to any firmware you want like 5.00 M33 the most recent. mikehacks.com has all of the files to download from as well so you don't need to search for them...good luck

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