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Lowepro Slingshot

Lowepro Slingshot
Lowepro Slingshot
Lowepro slingshot 200 AW and a lens?

hi there,
I am in to photography and I have a lowepro slingshot 200 AW camera bag, not a huge bag but good for my current needs. I am hoping to get the canon ef 70-200mm f4 IS USM lens soon but am aware that this is a fairly long lens. Was wondering if anyoen knew of any problems with fitting this lens into said bag.

Check the Lowepro website for that model bag. It will tell you what size (mm) and length (inches) lenses it can accommodate.

I just had to do that for a recent lens/bag purchase.

Allow a little buffer room based on the sizes they tell you because of the bag's internal padding. I went up a size because what they recommended was a bit 'cozy' for my lens. Figured if I wanted to get it out and on the camera rapidly I didn't want to be struggling to get it out of the bag...

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