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Lithium Ion

Lithium Ion
Lithium Ion
What is the best way to preserve & elongate the life of a lithium ion battery?

I heard a lot of different methods for protecting & preserving the life of a lithium ion battery (Laptop & iPhone) Should I empty them completely & then charge them to 100% or keep them fully charged whenever I can? As for the laptop, do I work with it while plugged or do I empty the battery & recharge it?

the best way is to fully charge them the first time. then drain them and fully charge again. this reduces the "ghost effect" the idea is that everytime you charge it once it has a charge already you reduce the batteries life. but with current technology that ghost effect is very limited. i could explain it but your have to know chemestry and such . basically the chemicals that would normaly produce the charge stop reaching and stay bonded preventing them from interaction with the cation and anions in tyhe battery,

so teh best way is to completly charge them the first time and from time to time drain ur battery and fully recharge it

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