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Lens Usa

Lens Usa
Lens Usa
substitute for Contact Lens Cleaning solution....?

I am currently out of USA, and ran out of my contact lens cleaner( opti-free) solution. Believe it or not , I will have to go 100 miles to get it, but in the meanwhile is there anything I can use to substitute the cleaner so my contacts won`t dry out. Please help....and thanx in advance.

There is unfortunately no substitute for the lens cleaner solution. I don't agree with what the previous person had stated as there is no guarantee that the salt that you put in will have good sterility. The other issue is that even if you boil the water there are other chemicals in the water that would not be safe to put in your eye. Also, you have no way of putting the proper amount of salt in the water. If you put too much you will end up damaging your eyes as it will draw water out of your eyes. You will have to stop using contacts, or get new solution.


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