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Lens Pouch

Lens Pouch
Lens Pouch
kodak easyshare m753 lens error?

so i got this camera in december.

i never once dropped it, the only thing that looks different with it is some of the writing rubbed off from being within it's pouch.

and today it says lens error 122,100 [i believe]

and the shutter is open and popped out, but there's no picture on the screen and it won't let me get to my pictures or anything.

i went to the kodak site and since it was an out of warranty camera, they said it would be a freaking 60.00$ repair excluding shipping and handling.

or i could send it in and get a whole whopping 25% off.

how is this fair?!

i didn't do anything to my camera, it broke and now i'm being charged, basically, for their mistake!

can anyone tell me what to do, or how to fix it?

i'm very upset.

it wasn't that cheap.


I have the same camera...but I have never came across this problem,why not try taking the batteries out, or you might have to try and get it repaired.

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