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Lens Pentax

Lens Pentax
Lens Pentax
I have a pentax SRL camera with two lens. Can I use these lens on a Digital SLR camera.?

I have a pentax 28 - 80 lens and a tokina 60 - 300. I don't know if normal and digital lens are interchangeable. If they are usable, which would be the best camera to buy

depends on the mounting of the lenses.
Most manufacturers started to use bayonet mounts for new cameras from the early 80's on. so there is a fighting chance your lenses may work.. as to what cameras they will work in it will be manufacturer specific.... so that means Pentax cameras (or the Samsung rebadged Pentax).

so thats the good news

now some possible bad news
the leNs may fit on the dSLR body, but it may well not work fully.. that means you may have to manually focus the lens.. not really a problem (assuming the dSLR has a suitable focussing screen in the viewfinder (or if you can add one.))
depending on the lens you may have to manually stop down the lens to take photos... stopping down the lens can cause before taking a light readiong can cause problems with some metering systems.

If I were you I'd consider ditching the 28-80 lens, perhaps keep the telephoto and buy a pentax body. if the 28-80 lens is an especially good lens then consider keepign it and buy a body alone
accept that the lenses don't owe you anything and start from scratch,, and buy a dSLR becuase its right for you. you don't have a huge investment in lenses so you may be wiser to buy for the future, and not because of the past.

one thig to bear in mind is that digital cameras due to their design have a multiplier effect when comapring to 35mm file.. for most cameras using the APS-C format this is about 1.5 to 1.7 x's the nominal size (ie the 60-300 becomes approxiamtely 80...450mm

the only real decision in my mind is you want to save some pennies right now and use your existing len(s) or whether you want to embrace the digital world wholly. Ive heard some suggestions that although you can use lenses from 35mm cameras, quite often the lens quality is compromised when used in a dSLR.

BTW I was very impressed with the Pentax/Samsung dSLR's I looked at.. looked very good, waterproof, but I was swayed by the Olympus E series lack of weight compared to the bloated size and weight of the Nikon's, Canon's and (sadly) Pentax

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