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Lens Olympus

Lens Olympus
Lens Olympus
I use a 50-200mm lens on my Olympus Evolt 500 camera. Do I need an adapter?

The lens is heavy and comes with a little support handle thing on the bottom. I don't want to do damage to my camera by using it without the adapter but it seems fine without it.

The Olympus 50-200mm is not that large of a lens to cause any problems with your Olympus Evolt 500 camera body's mount. If you were adapting some heavier 70-300mm lens from the film days, I'd be concerned.

As stated above, the 'adaptor' is actually a mounting place for a tripod or monopod. That moves the center of balance forward and puts less strain on your camera. Use it, when you can. Monopods are compact and can be carried easily.

By the way, it's a great lens and should give you many, many wonderful images. Enjoy!


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