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Lens Mint

Lens Mint
Lens Mint
Kodak Retina iia filter set. Originals or after markets that will fit.?

I own a Retina iia and use it for B&W. I am looking for a filter set and a ND set that will fit the lens. If I cant find originals does anybody know of anything I can use? The camera came to me from ebay in near mint condition for only $50 so I dont mind investing in a filter set. Even has the original "ever ready" case(in its embossed glory). I know a lot of people dont like these cameras but I cant seem to replicate the awesomeness of its B&W images with my Olympus Evolt. Incredible quality and images so now I want a filter set but cant seem to find one. Not even on ebay. Also if you have used this camera can you send me some of your images so I can see what it is fully capable of? The images I get are very sharp and clean but I am not good enough to push the envelope with this yet. Thanks.


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