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Lens Kit

Lens Kit
Lens Kit
Nikon D40x with kitlens or Nikon D40 with kit and an extra lens?

hey, anybody got any advice on which to buy between the Nikon "D40x "with kit lens or Nikon "D40" with kit and an extra lens.

If you're talking about a D40x with an 18-55mm or a D40 with the same lens plus a 55-200mm, I'd seriously look at the D40 outfit. I've seen the 55-200mm paired with both cameras in ads and in stores. My one recommendation would be to skip the 55-200mm and get the 55-200mm VR (Vibration Reduction) as it's only about $50 more and is a much better lens.

If you have other compatible lenses available (S series), then the D40x is the choice I'd make. It you don't have any other lenses to use and won't be able to buy any for a while, I'd look at the D40 and get the VR version of the 55-200mm.

The extra megapixels are nice, but having 6mp isn't a dealbreaker.

Here's some photos I took with a D50 (same resolution as the D40) with an older 75-300mm lens using high ISO settings.

I'd stay with Nikon optics for your stater kit and recommend a two lense setup. Having a DSLR with only one lens is like playing golf with only one club. You'll be missing the others for a long time.

I hope this is helpful.

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